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SPN - ep. 8.2 Review

[Random thoughts on 8.2 :)]
When I read the title of this week's ep. I kind of cringed as I was afraid that it would be a stereotypical, cliche ridden fest - I should have had more faith in the writers. I liked Kevin's mom! She was tough, no nonsense, and had no problem standing up to the Winchesters. Not someone I would want as a parent, but a great character.
The ep was a nice mix of the comic and the serious, so I never knew what direction they were going to next.
Don't like what's happening with Dean. They seem to have made him a killing machine, or uber Papa Winchester where it's kill the monsters no matter what the cost. I was rather distressed that neither he, nor Sam, tried to exorcise any of the demon possessed but just killed them, when previously they did their best to save whoever they could.
I can't help but wonder if Cas really is dead, and if Dean had any part in his disappearance.
My only quibble with the ep is that, for me, it was a little too flashbacky and Sam just seemed to be along for the ride. Dean is obviously going off the rails, but Sam doesn't seem to want to do anything and would rather be anywhere but there - or more specifically back with his girlfriend. Speaking of which, was rather glad that she was nowhere in this episode, but am very curious how they're going to write her.
I lied, I have one other quibble in that in the very short time that Sam and Dean left Kevin and his Mom alone, Kevin managed to pen  a quick note and somehow get his unresponsive mom so far away from the room that the boys didn't have a hope of following. Really! It was only a matter of minutes and if they listened really hard they could probably hear their footsteps, or just look out the window and see where they went, but they didn't even try! *humph*
Okay, don't kill me, but.... that creepy guy with the finger of the frost giant and going after Thor's hammer.... was that supposed to be Thor really old? because.... no, just, no!  *inserts picture of Chris Hemsworth in brain* lalala not listening!!!



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Oct. 11th, 2012 11:41 pm (UTC)
I assumed that Alfie was still hanging around and he angel ported Kevin and his mom away.

I remain irked that Sam isn't involved. He is annoyingly blase about everything.

He's like: No big. Whatever. Can we be done with you having some serious issues Dean? I have to get back in time to watch Grey's Anatomy.
Oct. 12th, 2012 12:22 am (UTC)
Hmmm, never thought of Alfie! Makes sense that he would take the prophet away.
I miss the old Sam (not the Sam in s.4, though, and with a soul ;) )
Oct. 12th, 2012 12:29 am (UTC)
I miss old Sam too. It's like Season 4 Sam again. He is there, but missing everything in front of him. At least Soulless was very, very wrong and had reasons for not being Sam-like.
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