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Fan Expo!

Went to my first Fan Expo in Toronto today and it was a blast!  Missed the train I wanted to take so had to wait for the next one, but I was in good company as I had Dr. Who, a couple of Star Wars characters (Anakin and friend?),  some sort of green fairy, and an assorted few others to keep me company. Saw so many cool costumes, quite a few I recognized and some I didn't (have no idea what fandom the white hats with kind of stubby bunny ears was for, but there were a lot out there).
Went to a great panel with John Barrowman. So funny, and with such well thought out answers, I was really impressed. There were a lot of people recording so there might be something on youtube by now.
Also saw a panel with Gillian Anderson and (wow, this is sort of mean), but I think that maybe she's a better actress than I thought because... erm... she didn't come across as particularly intelligent. I mean I loved the x-files and thought her character was great, but at one point in the panel I was starting to wonder if she was on something as her answers were kind of scattered and were, well, not really answers. Again, if there's a youtube clip, you can make your own conclusions.
Oh, and I saw Joe Flanagan!! He's just as good looking in RL as on tv - okay, I was fifty feet away, but I was not disappointed.
Definitely going again next year :D

(P.S. Fan Expo is kind of like Comic Con North)