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The Hunger Games (book)

So, haven't seen hunger games the movie but have heard all the fanfare and seen the trailers, and wanted to read the book just to see what it was all about before deciding to see it or not. Just finished reading it and..... just like most everybody else, I liked it!
Not that that should be surprising as it's a very compelling read. I liked the character of Katniss. Such a complicated personality of a young person in transition, defined by her impoverished background and just starting to learn about other aspects of her world beyond that of survival before being plucked as a tribute in a vile form of gladiator games.
The supporting characters, Peeta included, are just so... real, and fleshed out while using a minimum of words and dialogue. I wish I could write like that!
Couldn't help but picture Jensen as Cinna - as soon as I read him I just thought he would have made a perfect fit. *sigh* Maybe next time :) (Oh, and loved tonight's SPN ep. The girl with the dungeons and dragons tattoo! Felicia Day was great as Dr. Martin on Eureka, and I hope they bring back Charlie!)
If I wasn't so tired I'd try to at least appear more intelligent and insightful but... nah...
So, short, rambling, semi-incoherent review summary: book - good, watch movie - nope. While I did enjoy the read, I'm still not too keen to watch a movie about children (basically) killing each other. Will probably read the sequel novels, though.
Next up on my catch-up list of popular books *deep breath*:  twilight. Hated the movie, but maybe the book is better.... :)