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What to do...

When I started with lj it was a natural progression from ff.net where I could find great stories but it just seemed... limited, so I moved to lj and it was wonderful. There was a vibrant community of amazing fans and authors where you could communicate so easily and I made some wonderful friends. I also had high hopes for managing to actually write a full and complete story.

I've always liked writing, and reading from when I was a child. Used to make up crazy stories and the writing was so easy, it flowed like water. I wanted to recapture that, and I had so many ideas! Still do. But when it comes to putting pen to paper, so to speak, I can't seem to get the words to flow like when they're in my head. The words seem to stick, I get stuck, and, well, that's it; or I have a great idea, the words are flowing and i get distracted or have to do something, and everything just dries up. I haven't counted the number of wip's I have but there's quite a few.

Which leads me to here.

A lot of amazing authors who I've followed and/or have met here no longer post, whether it's from moving on from spn fandom, leaving lj because of the Russian issue, or whatever, but they're not here. I myself have branched out from spn into the Marvel universe, the Hobbit and a number of old shows that I have loved, and frequent AO3 far more than here (Dreamwidth... I've set up an account but, honestly, haven't really learned to use it and am at the moment too lazy too :p). Which leads me to the point of this seemingly pointless ramble:

                                  should I keep my paid account on lj?

I have many subscriptions to fantastic stories that sadly are wip's. As I mentioned many authors have left and if they keep the same name I could possible find them, but I'm not sure if I want to go to all that effort (there's a lot of them), and of course I'm sure a good number are simply abandoned. However, if I forgo the renewal a lot of those subscriptions will be lost, plus all of my page customizations (such as they are).

On the other hand it is a good way to keep up with those who are still posting, and, who knows, there could be some miracle and I might actually finish one of my wip's and post it here.

Hmmm... maybe I might keep it for a while and then move on.... 


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