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[sticky post] So, this is me....

I've been debating for a while about doing a sticky post for a while and then just figured, what the hell, go for it!

If you're here, you might have guessed I'm a big fan of spn - started off with the show and quickly moved on to the fic. Not wanting to sound too melodramatic, but in a weird way it saved me. I found it when I was at a very dark point, and the show, and the fic, gave me a safe place to escape where I could de-stress and forget about the crap happening in rl. But that was then, this is now, and yay! things are better :)

While I do enjoy the occasional foray into other fandoms, spn is generally where you'll find me. I love to read, am attempting to write, and quite enjoy editing.

So, if you're still reading then hiya! Welcome, and come back and visit anytime :)