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Well, that was intense!

I must admit that the writers took me by surprise when they 'killed' Dean, I may have even gasped!  But I took heart in knowing that people on SPN tend not to stay dead and Dean has died already a few times before, plus it gave us that lovely scene with Sam with the hugging and the tears and 'I'm proud of us' *sniff*

That being said I must admit to having been, and still am, conflicted about Dean turning into a Demon. On the one hand, it's an interesting switch which opens the door to all sorts of possibilities, on the other hand... idk, it just felt too much like a fic come to life. I've never been too keen on Demon!Dean stories and it sort of makes me not looking forward too much to next season.
Also, I'm a bit worried about how they're having Dean's experience with the mark mirror that of Cain's. Does this mean that Dean will also be 'saved' by the love of the right woman? I'm sorry but *ack!* Way too cliché and predictable.

Which brings me to Metatron. He was superbly 'evil', if I can say that. Though he's an Angel, he beats Crowley hands down in the manipulative, scheming, anything for power department. My best guess is that they'll use him again at some point in s. 10 as they didn't kill him off but have him cooling his heels in jail.

While I don't have too much faith in the writers, I'm going to hope for the best *crosses fingers*

I'm going to keep this quick - good ep but one thing just sticks in my craw:

SINCE WHEN WAS TESSA AN ANGEL???? Tessa was a Reaper - A REAPER! A creature between Heaven and Hell taking no sides and answering only to Death.... *grumbles* I hate it when writers just hand-wave away important points *grumbles again*
So sad to see Abaddon go! She could out evil Crowley any day of the week and still look great doing it (yes, I'm a little bit jealous ;p)

Not sure about Gavin, though. As soon as they started talking about timelines and how Gavin staying could change things I had this horrible image of how they are going to do a massive retcon at some point in the future where time is set to 'rights', everything that's happened has been a dream, and the series will end with Sam and Dean sitting around a Christmas tree, Sam's a lawyer, Dean's a mechanic, they're happily married to their spouses (Jess? and Lisa?) who are there with little kids crawling around while a happy Grandma/Grandpa Mary and John look on. *shudders*

So, that's a wrap for the season! Overall it's been an interesting ride - the boy's relationship, to me, is still unclear (partners? brothers?) though it looks like they reconciled, and there has been a major, major wrench that's been thrown in which I'm a bit hesitant to say that I'm looking forward to where they're going with this.

Time will tell, and I'll be praying to the Gods of writing and creativity that the showrunners get it right. Now we just have to get through the hellatus...  :)


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May. 22nd, 2014 01:45 am (UTC)

The season finale was intense. Even though I heard some of the speculation beforehand about Dean possibly dying or turning into a demon, the ending still made me scream - in a totally good way. I love that they've given Dean such a compelling story arc, can't wait to see where the writers take it next season. To be honest, up until lately, I never would have thought that a demon!Dean story would interest me, but it's been so long since we've had a Dean-centric story line (have we ever?) that just the fact that a Dean-centric plot exists makes me deliriously happy. LOL *hugs*
May. 24th, 2014 12:22 am (UTC)
I am so excited about the Dean-centric possibilities, too! I'm just a tad worried that it'll be a variation of soulless-Sam, and for all that Dean's been through it's kinda not fair for him to become the thing that he hates most. Also wondering how much more of a wringer they can put these guys through and if we'll ever (ever!) get to see them back as brothers like they were waaaayyy back in the beginning *sigh*
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