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I write like.... who???!

Been having some fun on the 'I Write Like' website and so far I've gotten: Arthur Clark and David Foster Wallace. Well, yay me! lol! (Somehow I don't think that talent was entered into it).
Not that I doubt the reliability of an online writing analysis program *snort* ;) and though I may write like Arthur XD I sure don't think he'd be interested in SPN!
Just for fun, I put in Mr. Wallace and apparently he doesn't write like himself, but instead writes like H.P. Lovecraft, and Agatha Christie doesn't write like herself either, but rather Anne Rice o.O.
Now if there was only a way to figure out how to sell a million books from that... oh yeah, have to finish writing something first lol! :p
Sorry for the rambles! I've got a headache, my brain is like jello, and, unfortunately, all my scrambled thoughts are winding up here...