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Review - Spn ep.14 Captives

So it's Oscar night and did I get invited? NooOoooo! Just like last year *hmph* And I'm wearing my fancy socks and everything ;p Oh well, all the more time to write my review, to whit:

[Spoiler (click to open)]Overall, for me, this was a 'meh' episode. Not a whole lot of plot development other than closure for Kevin's storyline (though, who knows, with this show anything is possible and he might just come back), and Cas being set up to take over leadership for the angels. Other than that Sam is still being a jerk(ish), and he and Dean still aren't being exactly brotherly.

Gotta admit, Sam is confusing me. In 'Purge' he basically says that he's done with Dean, but when Dean calls out for him when the ghost 'attacks' he came on the run all very concern-y faced. And his reaction in the car when Dean mentions being 'business-like' where he just looks annoyed and kinda fed-up. I mean, really?! Did he think that everything was all good with Dean? Then, when Kevin mentions about getting over the fighting and Dean wants to talk, Sam fakes an answer and then just walks away - again. Must say, the man can really hold a grudge.
When it comes to 'captives', while Mrs. Tran was literally captured, Sam and Dean are trapped in some sort of metaphorical 'non-talking' prison with no bars that they've made themselves.

So, anyway, they rescued Mrs. Tran. Which was great as she's an outstanding character, but Candy said that there were three who were being held prisoner. So, I know my math isn't the best but... Candy is one, Mrs. Tran is two, hmm... shouldn't there be one more? What about this 'Jerome', no.3, who Mrs. Tran said was also in one of the cells? They never mentioned him dying or being rescued, so maybe he's still trapped there? o.O


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Mar. 3rd, 2014 02:48 am (UTC)
For me, the way it ended in Sharp Teeth made sense, with Sam saying I wish we could just move on, but we can't because this is too fucked up, and Dean being devastated but accepting Sam's terms because he recognizes things are bad - that was appropriate and in character behaviour from both of them. But these obligatory exchanges every episode where Dean bitches and Sam rolls his eyes - just to remind the audience that things are stuffed bwtween them - they're just unbelievable. Their behaviour's more on a level with Dean having eaten the last sausage in the fridge than a devastating fracture in their relationship. I actually like that they showed Sam still caring about Dean in spite of everything, but this eye rolling behaviour doesn't track. Sam knows Dean's hurting and he'd be sad about that, not annoyed, so if they're not actually gonna have him say something to Dean then he should just be stoney faced, not irritated.

I didn't care much for the episode in general. They're gradually abandoning the original premises they established about ghosts and making them less and less believable in the process, I feel. What I find most annoying is the way they're dumbing down the characters to make their plots work, especially Dean. They're playing him as stupid these days, and he isn't - or wasn't. No way seasons 1-5 Dean would have been stupid enough to let a demon get the drop on him just by possessing a geeky looking meat suit. What happened to the famous Dean Winchester instincts? This is a trained hunter. He's aware of every part of his environment, all of the time. No way someone picks up a weapon behind him and he's gonna be caught off guard. And, for that matter, what's happened to demon super powers? They can be felled with one punch now?

Basically, we're seeing everything diminished - regular characters, monsters, original premises - to facilitate poorly imagined and executed plotlines. It's very sad.

Edited at 2014-03-03 02:50 am (UTC)
Mar. 3rd, 2014 03:46 am (UTC)
Totally agree! The bit with Sam being annoyed just didn't track at all. I mean this is something major that they're going through, so he should at least have had some deep feelings about it!!

And I thought so too about the dweeby demon. He didn't act very demon-y, but more like a pissed off run-of-the-mill killer. Where were the black eyes, and why did he need to hit Dean when he could have grabbed him with his powers and thrown him against a wall like all the others do. And really, Dean turning his back on a stranger and basically letting them know that he's onto them is a beginner hunter's mistake, not somebody who's been to hell and back (literally).
*sighs and shakes head in commiseration at the state of writing of the show*
Mar. 3rd, 2014 04:42 am (UTC)
I've got some respect for Adam Glass, Andrew Dabb and maybe Rob Thompson. I think they all genuinely care about the characters. They've all done things I wish they hadn't though.
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