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Review - SPN ep.11 First Blood

First of all *jumps up, does cartwheels, squees and spins around like a loony*  erm.... yay! Dean finally gets his own story line!!! Sorry, sorry, getting ahead of myself *calms*

[Spoiler (click to open)]To whit, quite enjoyed this episode.
Crowley was at his smarmy, con-artist best, Dean... *sigh*, Dean was - finally - the bad-ass that he's supposed to be, and showing some of his smarts by easily figuring out what Crowley was up to.
And Caine really surprised me. Given that he was supposed to be one of the original big bad, and given Crowley's reaction, I rather thought he'd be in the Azazel mould with him being all nasty and, well, demonic with maybe horns and hate spewing and idek. Instead, he's a rather urbane, forthright, proper host serving tea (had to laugh at Crowley's raised pinky), raising bees, and shucking corn in the kitchen. Not at all what I expected. Kept expecting him to do something horrific but, nup, nothing! (Not counting his demon smiting ;) )
Also really liked the what they did on the Caine/Abel story that had Caine give up everything for his brother. Very cool twist!

Cas and the sandwich... it's probably just me, but this kind of left me scratching my head. So, Cas has changed and become more human and less 'avenging angel', and when he says that 'maybe Winchesters can change too', that means, what? - that they can live a normal life eventually?, finally stop running away from each other?, manage to finally talk??? I realize that I'm being a bit dim here, but I'm not sure what specific type of change that Cas is talking about :(

Speaking of angels, was also a bit surprised that the potential plot of Sam having grace inside of him was  brought to such an abrupt close. (Anybody else also just a little disappointed that Sam didn't have to take his shirt off during the 'grace removal'? ;) ) Thought for sure that it would last a while longer and he'd have some special attributes of other because of it. Odd how Sam keeps wanting to make retribution for all the mistakes which he's made, but he's not willing to forgive Dean for his.

And, finally, yay!!!!! Dean gets his own storyline. Okay the mark of Caine is not exactly auspicious and denotes the wearer as a murderer which will not do Dean's self-esteem any good, and there's the whole 'comes with consequences' thing that we don't know about yet, but yay!!! storyline *g*

Note: yet again, just posting review for last weeks episode with just hours to spare before this weeks *facepalm*