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And well deserved it was.... :)

Just read that Supernatural won favourite tv drama and favourite sci-fi fantasy show at the People's choice awards :D Hopefully that will help when it comes to series renewal time!
Other than that, boring day... unless you count getting a new dryer because the old one broke only to find out that it wasn't broken after all and there had just been a problem with the plug. After laughing myself silly for a good 10 minutes, realized that unfortunately at that point it was too late to run like a loon after the truck taking the old one away... *sigh* word to the wise - always try testing something 'broken' in another plug before making a major purchase... \o/ lol!


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Jan. 13th, 2012 03:33 pm (UTC)
Ha! That's funny - and just like murphy's law. You arrange it all to get a new one and - wham, it fixes itself or you realise if wasn't plugged in... yeah.

And definite \o/ for SPN!
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