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Some catching up to do... Reviews :)

Okay, first work was really busy, then I got sick, went to work while sick (very bad idea) and overall I've just been a very lazy poster :( But no more! Time to catch up with these very brief reviews :)

ep. 4 - Slumber Party:
I must admit to mixed feelings. So much to like: it was fun; I loved how the boys got 'possessed' and had absolutely no problems fighting Dorothy; Charlie was in it!; Dorothy was a great character.
Stuff I was meh about: the boys didn't even blink when Dorothy told them Oz was real, I would have at least expected a dumbfounded "Hey, what now?" or something; cute as it was, the whole concept of having Dorothy and Oz, a wicked witch and killer heels... really..., I would have loved if they had made it darker and plausible (if I can say that) with the witch having designs on the AU of The French Mistake.

ep. 5 - Dog Dean Afternoon:
Do so like these lighthearted, comic relief, episodes! Dean was hilarious when he kept fetching the paper Sam was throwing in the garbage, and the barking at the mailman was a hoot. The 'mind meld' did seem to be a bit more of a change of biology as well if Dean could no longer eat chocolate and could smell sickness - speaking of, shouldn't he have been able to tell how sick, or not, Sam now is with his new super-sniffer? Hmmmm....
Like the allusion that Zeke may be trying to possibly take over Sam, just like Chef Leo had his acquired animal traits take over him. I'm still crossing my fingers for the unlikely possibility that Zeke is actually a good guy... entity... otherworldly being (?) even though he may not be who he says he is.

One thing about both eps. is where the heck is Cas???? The guys don't seem to be at all concerned about him, and even Kevin is conveniently always away (though still accessible by phone).

Yay, caught up! Now I'm ready for the next ep... :)


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Nov. 12th, 2013 02:56 pm (UTC)
I'm still in 2 minds about Slumber Party. Had difficulties with the premise but felt there was a lot of important subtext in the episode. DDA I'm afraid I couldn't buy at all, but there were moments the boys made work and I couldn't help enjoying - especially the fetch moment. That was so nicely understated that it was really funny, and Jensen really managed to sell the barking at the mailman moment. They're really keeping us guessing about Zeke. There are three possibilities: He's a good guy, he's a bad guy, and he was a good guy but he's gradually getting too attached to being Sam and may eventually go mad and not be able to distinguish between the two identities. I think the latter would be the most interesting way to go. Morally, this can't end well. Dean is complicit in a profound violation of Sam. The show needs to acknowledge that appropriately in the outcome.

I suspect that Dean kicking Cas out onto the street to fend off the attacks of angels by himself is symbolic of what Dean has done to Sam's soul.

Edited at 2013-11-12 03:03 pm (UTC)
Nov. 13th, 2013 02:13 am (UTC)
I completely agree… where the heck is Cas? I still think its somewhat out of character of Dean kicking Cas out of the bunker. Since he knows how "lost" Cas is as a human. And you are spot on with Kevin. They keep mention him but he's off screen.. way to be cheap with not paying the actor.

I haven't been impressed with Episodes 4 and 5 but I still find elements of the episodes that I enjoy. Its still our boys :-)
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